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  • Avatar Steffani Roselle ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    Ron is a good man. Honest and does great work!
  • Avatar paige scully ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    Ron and his crew do out of this world work. They did a amazing job at paving my walk way and making it absolutely flawless. I get nothing but compliments on the way my yard looks, with the finished product. I will forever recommend Ron’s … More work. Thank you Ron for your kindness and consideration. I am forever grateful.
  • Avatar Anne Marie Stengel ★★★★★ 4 years ago
    Ron Brown of Outdoor Living Landscape has been a pleasure to work with. He responds when called, is always willing to make adjustments to the Landscape Lighting scheme and wants his customer to be happy with the result. He is a true professional. … More
  • Avatar Tyler Engstrom ★★★★★ 5 years ago
    I Tyler Engstrom have known Ron Brown for about 10 years i had moved into a house where the yard was destroyed and i mean a absolute mess , ron came in mesured everything out and took his personal time to create and draw a plan for my property … More , he then brought it to me and explained in detail and showed me the blue prints and i was absolutely blown away by the knowledge of this man ! He built my property all the way around from the lawn to making flower beds with the nicest plants and shrubs ive seen in a long time , he also did a paver walk way and he does costume molds and wraped my pillars with them , my property is flawless i get compliments on a daily basis .. On top of it all i know have a friend for life he is an amazing business owner and is very on top of his game and i more then highly recommend his services!!!! Thank you ron .
  • Avatar jay scangarella ★★★★★ 6 years ago

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Brick NJ, Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Contractor

Ocean – Monmouth – Burlington – Mercer – Middlesex Counties

As a Brick NJ low voltage lighting contractor, Outdoor Living Landscape LLC uses only top quality outdoor lighting fixtures and installation materials.  Ron and his team install the safest, most energy efficient and versatile outdoor lighting fixtures and equipment available. Solid brass and copper landscape lighting fixtures with a lifetime warranty are used exclusively.

outdoor house lighting

*   Outdoor Lighting Ocean County NJ

*   Low Voltage Lighting Ocean County NJ

*   LED Landscape Lighting Ocean County NJ

*   Pool and Patio Lighting Ocean County NJ

LEDs for short are actually LIGHT EMITTING DIODES which are a form of solid state lighting. LEDs are energy efficient, durable and have an extended service life. The old technology of incandescent and fluorescent lights consist of filaments in glass bulbs or bulbs that contain in some cases toxic gases. LEDs consist of many tiny lenses placed on a heat conducting surface that produces light. LED light is emitted in a specific direction as opposed to fluorescent bulbs and incandescent lights which waste energy with non directional lighting.

The service life of an LED is 50,000 or more hours. Old fashioned incandescent bulbs will last 750 to 2,000 hours of operation. Fluorescent tubes have a life span of approximately 20,000 hours.
LED Outdoor Lighting Brick New Jersey

* LED lamp life (12-15 years or more of service) 50,000 hours

* LEDs can consume 93% less energy

* LEDs emits less heat

* Design Flexibility

* Zero UV Emissions

* Extremely Durable

Another great advantage of LEDs is their size. Single lights can be as small as 3 millimeters. To increase output any number of lights can be used in unison for almost any conceivable application. In addition, because LEDs give off light in a specific direction, they are more efficient in application than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, which waste energy by emitting light in all directions.
Outdoor Lighting Benefits

* Increased curb appeal and property value

* Positive cost to equity home improvement

* Extended outdoor versatility and entertaining hours

* Easily expandable lighting for future needs

* Increased safety with deck, pool and walkway lighting

* Increase security and outdoor visibility


Outdoor Living Landscape always uses a hub wiring system for maximum lighting output and limited drop off due to a daisy chain wiring system. Hub wiring uses a junction box where you connect multiple fixtures in one particular zone.  The hub wiring process is similar to the interior of your home and use of a master panel box and breakers for designated areas.
We wire your landscaping by extending one cable to the center of a lighting zone and installing a junction box or hub there. From that hub we connect separate wires run to each of the fixtures in that zone. The purpose is to provide a compartment for the splices and eliminate drop off.
Superior System Control
Low voltage lighting offers many options for system control.  Photo sensitive controls, timers, remote control and more. Your system can be upgraded or completely reconfigured at any time with little or no disruption to the system.

Landscape Wiring Hub systemLandscape Wiring Hub system
Low voltage systems installed by Outdoor Living Landscape are designed to meet your outdoor lighting needs today and far into the future. It is possible to relocate fixtures as needed during renovation.  When your landscape changes, we can simply change the location of a fixture or add new fixtures to maintain the desired lighting effects.

A proven deterrent to crime. Outdoor lighting increases safety and protection for your family and friends. Energy Efficient Low voltage, 12-volt lighting systems are less expensive to install and maintain. Low voltage lighting consumes a fraction of the electric required by high voltage lighting systems, which operate at 120 volts.
* Increases the curb appeal of your home

* Positive cost to equity improvement

* Extended entertaining hours

* Easily expandable for future needs

* Adds another level of safety and security

Outdoor LED Lighting Retrofits Ocean County NJ
Ron and his team can turn any existing low voltage system into a state of the art, energy saving LED outdoor lighting system.

By converting from a high energy consumption system of 120 volts to economical LEDs using 12 volts, homeowners can go green and save energy dollars.

Schedule a Free outdoor lighting design consultation and night time demonstration at your home. Ron will personally come to your home and demonstrate the transformation that landscape lighting can make to the appearance of our property.

This is a FREE Demonstration and Ron will actually light up your home, landscaping and any other areas, without any cost or obligation.

Ron Brown 848-333-3453 – Email a Request

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Maintenance Service
By having Outdoor Living Landscape LLC perform a yearly maintenance, your low voltage outdoor lighting will always look as good as it did the day it was installed.

* Replace lights as needed
* Trim back any ground cover or foliage that may be blocking the light
* Re-position light fixtures to make sure they are in the optimal locations
* Check voltages to insure all fixtures are running at the correct voltage

At Home Lighting Consultation
We offer an at home landscape lighting consultation. Call or email to arrange for a consultation 848-333-3453.