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Brick, NJ Organic Fertilizer – Natural Lawn Care
Serving Northern Ocean and Southern Monmouth Counties

Outdoor Living Landscape, LLC

You can have a beautiful healthy lawn without harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Organic Lawn Care by Outdoor Living Landscape LLC uses a whole systems approach to maintaining your lawn without toxic chemicals.  Natural organic fertilizer applied by Outdoor Living Landscape, LLC can reduce the nitrates and phosphates on your property by as much as 90%.

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Why is organic fertilizer the best way to care for your lawn?

Conventional fertilizer can pollute our water ways and cause Dead Zones, places where marine life can no longer survive.  In Ocean and Monmouth County rain run off washes our lawn fertilizer into storm gutters and streams. Small streams run into our lagoons and bays before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean.  Streams, Lagoons and our own Barnegat Bay now suffer from artificially stimulated plant growth that chokes waterways and the chemicals harm the natural and indigenous aquatic life. Some states have even begun to ban many but not all of the chemicals available in lawn fertilizers.

In Ocean and Monmouth Counties there is a better way right now, call Ron Brown, owner of Outdoor Living Landscape LLC for a free Organic Lawn Care quote. 

Use environmentally friendly organic lawn care or continue to negatively affect the health of our wildlife, pets and even children, we now have a choice.  Having Outdoor Living Landscape as your Lawn Maintenance Company is a natural way to a healthy green, thick lawn and overall healthy landscaping.  The organic products used by Ron and his team enable plants to more efficiently use nutrients and pesticides.  Much less fertilizers and insecticides are needed to obtain the results previously only available through the use of traditional chemical products in large quantities.

Trees and shrubs thrive in a natural environment, where leaves and organic debris decompose and create an abundance of active microbiology in the soil. Why not duplicate this process in your yard?  With Outdoor Living Landscape as your Lawn Maintenance Contractor, your property will benefit from the experience, caring and organic systems that Ron and his team specialize in.

Reduce your environmental impact and go organic for your lawn care.

Call or email Ron today at 848-333-3453.

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Lawns, gardens and other landscaping plants do a lot of good for the environment. Lawns help reduce carbon dioxide levels, absorb rain run off and even help muffle traffic and other noise pollution.  Nothing beats a well kept green lawn as a place for our kids to play and pets to run around.

Centuries ago people would salt the land to kill the vegetation? Today nearly all chemical fertilizers are salt based. As you use it, year after year, your soil becomes poorer and poorer so you need more and more just to maintain.

Healthy naturally fertilized soil is full of microbial life. These microbial organisms are working hard for your lawn and most do not tolerate the salt in conventional pesticide laced fertilizers.

Outdoor Living landscape LLC serves Northern Ocean County including Brick, Point Pleasant, Bay Head, Toms River, Lakewood, and Jackson.  We also provide services in the Southern Monmouth County areas of Wall, Spring Lake, Lake Cumo, Howell, Colts Neck and Farmingdale.

Outdoor Living Landscape, LLC. uses high quality Organic Fertilizer from Holganix.

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